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Packing Tips For Home Removals

Hello, my name is Pippa. Welcome to my blog. Earlier this year, we decided to move to a bigger home. Our house was bursting at the seams with three kids and a handful of pets so we decided to move to a bigger property further out of town. To be honest, I didn’t think that the moving process would take much effort on our part, but I forgot just how much stuff we have. I also wanted to make unpacking as smooth as possible so we knew exactly where everything was and weren’t living out of boxes for weeks. While we got some useful packing advice and help from our removalists, my husband and I also put together a packing plan that suited us and the kids. I started this website to jot down some of our ideas and tips — hope it helps you pack effectively for your move!

4 Step-By-Step Guidelines To Pack Your Expensive Tea Set For Storage

29 March 2016
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You've probably spent a fortune on your expensive tea set, so you will naturally want to keep it as safe as possible for a longer time. If you're moving from one home to another or if you're refurbishing your existing one, then you may need the services of a self-storage unit for a temporary period. This guide is designed to help you pack your expensive tea set for storage to prevent it from unprecedented damage. Read More …

Relocating? Compare Trailer And Container Vehicle Removal Options

7 March 2016
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If you need your cars relocated during a removal process, you will need to seek a vehicle removalist. A vehicle removalist can then have your vehicles transported from your current location to your new home in one of two ways; trailer transportation or container transportation. Here is how the two compare against each other so that you can decide which one is better suited for you. Safety Needless to say, containerized vehicle removal is much safer than trailer removal. Read More …

Why You Need to Hire a Removalist When Relocating

1 March 2016
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Relocating to a new apartment can be a very stressful and energy-consuming task. This is because it involves the lifting and moving of heavy stuff like furniture. Nowadays, though, moving out has been made easier by the many removal companies available for hire on the market. Contracting a removalist could save you the stress that comes along with moving out. All you need to do is make arrangements with your preferred removal company before your day of relocation. Read More …

Ground Preparation for Your Shipping Container: What You Need To Know About Foundations

19 February 2016
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Before delivery, check and prepare your ground for the shipping container. You will want a level ground that will be at least as big as your shipping container. The ground should also be accessible for the delivery truck. In addition, you need to ensure that the ground is free from debris. Before you even start the preparation, you will want to consider the location first. Think about where you would like your doors to face or check that there will be enough room for the doors to be closed and opened. Read More …

Relocation Tips | Moving With Your Pet

7 December 2015
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Relocating can at times be such a hassle especially if you are moving with your pet. You want to make sure they are safely handled and reach the destination in one piece. If you are planning on moving with your "furry friend", below are some tips on how you can have a smooth removal. Contact the new home veterinarian Before moving, it is important to communicate with the veterinary of the state you are moving to. Read More …